a self-sustaining e-commerce photo retouching initiative in Haiti.

The need for online imagery is booming, and with that the demand for affordable retouching.
With your support, we are launching a photo retouching studio in Haiti managed and operated by ARTISTS INSTITUTE graduates.

SPLASHLIGHT will share its expertise in photo retouching and build upon the ARTISTS INSTITUTE graduates’ outstanding video education to provide them with an immediately marketable skill, and the tools to make it a sustainable and profitable enterprise.
1 - Remote training of a selected candidate
2 - On site training in SPLASHLIGHT facility in Canada
3 - Set up of the retouching operation in Haiti by the candidate
4 - Optimization and further training by SPLASHLIGHT directors in Haiti

A self-sustaining PHOTO retouching operation at ARTISTS INSTITUTE in HAITI with SPLASHLIGHT as its MENTOR and first CLIENT